A Moving Screen

A moving screen – Best thriller novel written by Kris Allis. Her first
novel was “a false start”. You can purchase it online from Amazon



Some sports events are full of suspense, thrills, and mystery as the winner is determined at the end of regulation. A suspense/thriller novel like “A Moving Screen.” can be like a sporting event. Consider the following:

In the game of basketball, a screen or pick is when an offensive player gets to a legal position on the court in the path of a defender for the purpose of slowing down the defender or making him change direction. It’s similar to calling check in the game of chess.

In other words, a screen means one player or person getting in another’s way. Person A wants to reach a goal, but person B wants to make it hard for him.

A screen is considered illegal if Person B moves in order to make contact and gains an advantage. In basketball the result is an illegal foul. A moving screen is a foul only if illegal contact is made.

When a murderer is killing over and over with an endless goal, the police have to interfere. The police essentially set a screen to stop the killer.

In my new novel, “A Moving Screen,” a ruthless killer has a plan. He executes this plan over and over without impunity. Enter Dennis Cane and Merlot Candy, two former high school basketball teammates. Dennis, a detective, has been on the trail of the killer for three years, but Merlot, a private detective, has joined him in recent days to try to find this killer and put an end to his killing. They want to trap him.

Nothing illegal involved. They set a moving screen. This new novel is a suspense thriller with a hint of mystery. It can be purchased at the following:


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