Which Best Selling Novels Have Absolute Power?

close up of typewriter vintage retro styled

Actually there is a best-selling thriller novel that has the title “Absolute Power.” Written by David Baldacci, this novel has all the power elements of a suspenseful thriller. First of all, it is a story of a fictional POTUS who is living life a tad indecently. And he has a bad habit of abusing women. Domestic abuse is a very real problem. It was very ingenious of the author to approach the topic in a way to shine the light on the idea that men who abuse women are usually men who crave power. And what is more powerful than being the president of the United States? “Absolute Power” is an example of a thriller novel with a powerful punch.


A Moving Screen” is a thriller novel with a serial killer who has absolute power. No one knows who he is. No one knows when or where he will strike next. No one can identify his victims. Not even the police! He kills at will and at his pleasure. When it comes to committing the perfect murder, this killer has absolute power. “A Moving
Screen” is also a thriller novel with a powerful punch.


The best thriller novels approach real life issues in a creative way in order to shine light on serious issues while at the same time entertaining. This approach, when done well,
carries absolute power.


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