Crooked Trumps Straight in the Best Thriller Novels

A good crook is hard to find in the real world and they are usually unwelcome guests in any civilized gathering. Creating a fictional one is a challenge, but worthwhile in a thriller novel. In real life the crooks oftentimes end up in jail. Sometimes they flourish, committing the same crime over and over again with impunity. In a thriller novel it’s up to the author whether or not the crooked are punished. But, the crooked are a necessary evil for a good suspense story. It’s boring watching a straight arrow go through everyday life doing everything just the way he or she should. Excitement comes when we read about a character who can do just whatever he or she pleases. And to add icing to the cake; this crooked character could care less about who or what is hurt in the process. A good crook is extremely selfish. And in novels they are welcome in any setting because they are vital to story lines.

In Mario Puzo’s “The Godfather,” most readers came to love Vito and Michael Corleone. They broke the law in all kinds of ways from murder to money laundering. But they were such great characters. They made the novel worth reading. So much so that a film by the same name was adapted to a screenplay. At least once a month this film is shown on one of the many television channels that we all are privy to today. Had Vito and Michael been straight arrows, the book would never have been as popular. “The Godfather” is an epic thriller novel.


In “A Moving Screen” an unknown subject is at work. He kills women and leaves no traces for the police to follow. He is definitely crooked. And yet without him, the book would not be a thriller novel. The whole story centers around finding the identity of this killer and stopping him. This killer makes the novel worth reading. “A Moving Screen” has all the ingredients of a best thriller novel. 


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