A Good Lie trumps the truth in the Best Thriller Novels

You may say to yourself “It depends.” I agree! In a marriage lying is not a good practice. And parents need their children to be honest. So where or when does a liar trump the truth? In a thriller!

 “Lincoln Lawyer” is a film adapted from a novel by the same name. Written by Michael Connelly, the main character, Mickey Haller is a Los Angeles lawyer whose office is his Lincoln Town Car. He is chauffeured by his driver, Earl, played by Laurence Mason. Haller is a defense attorney and his one fear is that he will one day send an innocent man to jail. He knows that his clients lie and sometimes he advises them to take a plea when the evidence is insurmountable. Out of the blue he’s cast into the net of Louis Roulet; wealthy, handsome, boy-next-door appeal, and who vehemently claims that he is innocent. Someone is lying. Either the witnesses or Roulet. And there you have the beginning of the suspense that carries you all the way to the climax of the story, when the liar is revealed. This novel would never have been the same without the liars.

Michael Connelly created these characters to make “The Lincoln Lawyer” one of the best thriller novels. He used all of the necessary ingredients for a suspense thriller and for dessert he included a bold-faced liar. And that liar made all the difference.

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In Kris  Allis’s “A False Start,” one character lives a lie. This character, Orella Bookings, is an alcoholic who is guilty of a hit-and-run accident in which a woman is killed. Orella flees the scene of the crime and conveniently hides her car and all evidence of the crime and goes back to living her life as if nothing has happened. But this liar was needed. It is her hit-and-run that creates a way for the main character, Anissa Brogdon, to escape an abusive relationship. “A False Start” has all the necessary ingredients for a suspense thriller. And in this novel it is the liar that makes all the difference in the story. As in all of the best thriller novels, a good lie trumps the truth.



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