About Kris Allis

My love for books began at an early age. My mother read aloud to me and she changed her voice for each character in an attempt to bring to life their feelings and attitudes. This brought the stories to life for me and I eagerly awaited ‘Reading Time.’ As she read, using her voice to convey emotions⎯fear, anger, joy, pity, want, love, disdain, misery and apprehension⎯whatever the characters felt, I was with them throughout the story. I had the same feeling as the princess when she became aware of having a pea underneath those sheets in “The Princess and the Pea.” I felt the kiss that Sleeping Beauty felt.

Consequently, reading became my favorite pastime. I annoyed my friends due to my reading propensity. In my teenage years I was attracted by the outside world and I heeded the call. I delighted in parties, dating, and attending sporting events. In fact, I met my husband in third grade. Of course he didn’t know my plans until years later. And I still loved to read⎯ all genres. Though I treasured Boo Radley and Scarlett O’Hara, my favorite genre became mystery and suspense thrillers.

When my children were small I wrote short stories during their nap times. I had a longing to write a fiction novel — a book that people would enjoy reading. But, I was too busy with my children. When the children were older I chose to realize my dream of teaching by entering graduate school to pursue a graduate degree. I graduated from the State University of West Georgia,after having studied abroad in France. I went to work as a middle school French teacher, and I loved it. However, despite thoroughly enjoying teaching, I never lost the desire to write a book. After twelve years I made the decision to retire.

One ordinary day, as I sat watching a documentary about 9/11, an idea occurred to me. “What if you were frightened out of your wits, living in misery and fear on a daily basis, and out of the blue an opportunity to change your life presented itself. Would you take it?” And that was the beginning of my first novel “A False Start.”

I am a Georgia peach! I live in Georgia with my husband and a schnauzer-terrier mixed dog who takes very seriously his job of protecting our home and family. I am still with my third grade first love and our three children are now adults. I’ve often heard the expression “a family man,” but I never hear “a family lady.” I am a family lady. I love my family⎯they are very important to me. I also enjoy dancing, bowling, playing golf and watching motion pictures on enormous screens. I am an avid basketball fan. I also like football, especially at Super Bowl time. Red velvet cheesecake is my favorite dessert and my new favorite vegetable is kale.

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